6 Classroom Tips for English Teachers Abroad

6 Classroom Tips for English Teachers Abroad

Teaching English abroad is filled with countless benefits as you will open more doors to opportunities of experiences different cultures, countries, meet new people and even make a difference in your students’ lives. Despite the many rewards, there are also a handful of challenges that you must be ready for along the way.

Not only will you have to be receptive and open-minded, but you must also count on your abilities to teach English. The following are six class tips for English teachers abroad.

Tip #1: Include Various Methods to Learning in the Classroom


Anywhere you go you will encounter various types of learners such as visual, auditory and hands-on learners. Be sure to incorporate all kinds of learning styles into your lesson plans.

Tip #2: Make Group Work a Necessity in Lesson Plans

Break students into small groups. This will allow them to practice the language in the most natural way of speaking and provide a safe and comfortable environment.

Tip #3: Take Advantage of Student Talking Time


Students learn best by doing it themselves. Make sure to maximize STT and give them time to correct their mistakes during grammar lessons.

Tip #4: Minimize the Use of Dictionaries

Students will want to use a dictionary as a quick shortcut when looking for new words. Instead, explain the phrase to your student by translating the phrase. They will soon internalize the meaning and reduce the risk of confusion.

Tip #5: Maximize the Student’s Time outside the Class


Don’t waste time on tasks and assignments that students can do on their own. Instead, take the time to maximize their work outside of class at home to reinforce what they learned in your class.

Tip #6: Promote Student Teaching

Allow students to check each other’s work. This can be useful when correcting mistakes and avoids the issues of feeling embarrassed in front of the class. As students view each other as peers, they will aim to work harder together and promote a sense of teamwork.

There are many helpful tools in which can help you prepare for teaching abroad. You can view more websites that offer guides, strategies, and materials that will maximize learning in the classroom.

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6 Ways to Teach English Abroad

6 Ways to Teach English Abroad

Looking for ways to teach English abroad but not exactly sure how? Perhaps you’ve thought about quitting your job and setting off to live somewhere new. Teaching English is the perfect that to turn fantasy into reality.

Here are six ways to teach English abroad.

  1. In-country TESOL Certification Program


The most direct way you can teach English abroad is through an on-site TESOL certification and job placement program. With an upfront fee of an average of $1,500, the programs will provide you with everything you need to teach abroad. The training course will last about a month in the destination country you plan to teach.

    1. Online Certification Program


Another option is to get your TESOL certificate online. The program is about the same however the entire course will be done online and at your own pace. Once you pass the final exam, you can receive your TESOL certificate.

  1. Government Programs

There are many government programs available for those who are interested in teaching English overseas. However, these include extensive applications and an interview process so be sure to make plans in advance.

  1. Recruitment

If you’re looking to teach in the Middle East, China, Japan or South Korean, a recruiting firm will help you find a paid teaching job in the location. Keep in mind that you must have a TESOL certification and relevant work experience to find employment with top recruitment agencies.

  1. Online Lessons

You can video chat and conference with students anywhere in the globe through online lessons. Check out Craigslist or other classified sites and find potential clients.

  1. Volunteer Abroad


If finding a paid job isn’t necessary for you, then try a volunteer position. It is said that learning English is one of the most important thinks one can do to break out of poverty. You can spend a month or two living abroad and give back to the community.

There are plenty of ways to find word teaching English abroad. The best thing you can do is to have a TESOL certificate as it opens up more doors than for those who don’t have it. Whether you’re looking for a long-term career or a short-travel experience, check out these six ways to teach English abroad.

Top 5 Countries that Pay Well for English Teachers

Top 5 Countries that Pay Well for English Teachers

Everybody has most likely heard the phrase “you don’t become a teacher to get rich.” While teaching English abroad will certainly not get you your own private island, it will may you rich in travel, culture, and experiences. With that said, many countries do pay well for English teachers. Want to find out which? Check out the list below.

Here are the top five countries that pay well for English teachers.

South Korea
ESL teachers in Korean usually save about 50% of their salary each month. This means you can save about $1,000 a month or nearly $1,500 a year. How? English teachers are provided with free furnished housing and even reimbursed for their airfare to and from Korean as stipend flight home at the end of their contract.

Most teachers save about $500-1,500 a month after their expenses. This is because most English teachers also receive free housing and reimbursed airfare. You can spend your weekends traveling through the oldest civilizations on the planet and explore the fast-paced life in Shenzhen or Shanghai.

When teaching in Japan, most English teachers can save $600-500 a month after their necessary expenses. Most recruit agencies will provide all the necessary documents and even get hired before you leave your home country. You can spend your day off strolling through the medieval cities of Kyoto and get lost in the modern town of Tokyo.

A view of Taipei 101 and Taipei City from The Four Beasts Mountains in Taipei, Taiwan.
Just located southeast of China, Taiwan offers an excellent opportunity to explore the Chinese culture in a tropical environment. English teachers earn enough to save about $500 t0 700 a month after expenses. You can enjoy the vibrant street life with living standards are high and enjoy the gorgeous coastlines of Taiwan.

Gulf of Arab States
The Gulf of Arab States includes the U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait. These oil-rich areas have led the Arab countries to invest billions into their educational systems – especially the English language. Qualified English teachers have said to receive high pay and benefits to teach. In fact, the average salary ranges from $2,000 – $5,000 a month, without taxes. You may also receive benefits such as health insurance, housing, and flights to and from home.

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