6 Classroom Tips for English Teachers Abroad

6 Classroom Tips for English Teachers Abroad

Teaching English abroad is filled with countless benefits as you will open more doors to opportunities of experiences different cultures, countries, meet new people and even make a difference in your students’ lives. Despite the many rewards, there are also a handful of challenges that you must be ready for along the way.

Not only will you have to be receptive and open-minded, but you must also count on your abilities to teach English. The following are six class tips for English teachers abroad.

Tip #1: Include Various Methods to Learning in the Classroom


Anywhere you go you will encounter various types of learners such as visual, auditory and hands-on learners. Be sure to incorporate all kinds of learning styles into your lesson plans.

Tip #2: Make Group Work a Necessity in Lesson Plans

Break students into small groups. This will allow them to practice the language in the most natural way of speaking and provide a safe and comfortable environment.

Tip #3: Take Advantage of Student Talking Time


Students learn best by doing it themselves. Make sure to maximize STT and give them time to correct their mistakes during grammar lessons.

Tip #4: Minimize the Use of Dictionaries

Students will want to use a dictionary as a quick shortcut when looking for new words. Instead, explain the phrase to your student by translating the phrase. They will soon internalize the meaning and reduce the risk of confusion.

Tip #5: Maximize the Student’s Time outside the Class


Don’t waste time on tasks and assignments that students can do on their own. Instead, take the time to maximize their work outside of class at home to reinforce what they learned in your class.

Tip #6: Promote Student Teaching

Allow students to check each other’s work. This can be useful when correcting mistakes and avoids the issues of feeling embarrassed in front of the class. As students view each other as peers, they will aim to work harder together and promote a sense of teamwork.

There are many helpful tools in which can help you prepare for teaching abroad. You can view more websites that offer guides, strategies, and materials that will maximize learning in the classroom.

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